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m                  THE SELJUK TURKS                117
at that time fighting to the death among themselves, and
in spite of tumults at Baghdad, where the Great Mosque
was stormed, no action was taken either by the Seljuks
or by the Fatimids, and the Crusaders were allowed
to organize their conquests in peace. Thus in a halo of
glory ended the first crusade, which constituted a sign
that Christendom was rallying and reviving. As Beazley
says : a The crusades are the central expression of this
revival, which, though defeated in some of its immediate
objects, was entirely successful in kindling a spirit of
patriotism, of practical religious fervour, and of boundless
enterprise, whereby our Western World finally attained
to the discovery, conquest, colonisation, or trade-dominion
of the best portions of the earth."1
1 Op, cit. vol. ii. p. 2.